Dr.Sunipa Dutta
Dr.Sunipa Dutta, the Principal of this FRONT PAGE College of Education has a Doctorate Degree on the short stories writing by the Author Premendra Mitra. She runs the said B. Ed. College with care administrative capacities and enabling the Professors with her motivation to perform better for the all-round growth of the students under her care. She has good relationship with the Professors and the students. Her other talents are reading books of essays as she likes Bengali literature very well and with her passion for reading she acquires much knowledge and wider vision in this area of her special interest. Apart from the above she is a good and talented singer and she performs well during any function captivating the attention of the audience in this regard. Thus with her own examples she promotes local culture. Dr.SunipaDutta is very social minded too as she caters to the needs of the most deprived children of Tea Gardens in North Bengal where caters to the basic needs of the most needy and poor children by means of her outreach program.